Real Estate Law

Real estate law deals with some of the most personal property a person can own – their home and land. Real estate transactions can often be exceptionally complex, and can include easement issues, the placing or releasing of liens, and the rights of other co-owners of the property. We here at the Law Office of Matthew L. Collins have worked with both buyers and sellers of property, and strive to make every transaction smooth and painless.

In addition to the buying or selling of property, The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins can offer advice about the filing of an easement, or the releasing of a currently existing easement. Easements are generally thought of as rights that someone else has over your land, such as a right to use a driveway or the right to access to a pond.

We at The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins have also worked with clients on estate plans that include the passing, protection, or selling of property after a relative passes on. It is incredibly important to have a plan for your real estate, be it a farm, a home, or a commercial property on your passing, and having one can save the deceased’s family from having to make decisions about property at an emotional time.

We at The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins have, additionally, worked with clients about boundary line disputes, and strive to protect the property rights of our clients when someone infringes upon that property. Often these infringements can be solved with a survey of the property in question, and there are sometimes civil penalties available for the infringement.

If you have questions about the purchase or sale of real estate, about a lien, or an easement, don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins for expert legal advice.

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