Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases are relatively simple – they involve plaintiffs who have suffered personal injury by another person or business’s actions or inactions. Auto accidents are the classic personal injury case, but there are a wide variety of personal injury actions, including but not limited to slip and fall cases, malicious actions by another person or business, and medical malpractice. Personal Injury cases almost always ask for compensation for the medical expenses charged to the plaintiff as a result of the injury, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering that the injured party has endured.

If you have been injured due to no fault of your own, you may have a personal injury claim, and should talk to an experienced litigator such as The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins. Our office will walk you through the process of being compensated for your injury. Our full service work on your case includes the requesting of all relevant medical and billing records from your injury, interfacing with any insurance companies involved in the injury, and consideration of any property damage related to the personal injury suit. We understand the stressful nature of being injured, and the desire to hold the responsible parties accountable for your injury. Our experienced litigators will fight hard for your rights, not only against the person or business responsible for your injury, but against the insurance companies who may responsible for compensating you.

Personal injury suits can often be very expensive, and thus The Law Office of Matthew L. Collins offers to take most personal injury suits on a contingency basis, and requires no hourly fee, but takes a portion of the total money awarded to clients as payment. This allows our clients to get the best possible service, and provides a remedy for people who would otherwise be unable to hold the person or business who injured them responsible for the medical expenses and pain & suffering they have endured.

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